Kalita Hasami Wave Dripper (HA155)

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Kalita Hasami Wave Dripper (HA155)

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Simple and adorable Hasami porcelain

Kalita Wave 155 originates from Hasami Town in the centre of Nagasaki ken, where firing porcelain has been famous since the Azuchi–Momoyama period (1574–1600).

The ceramic material itself has a high degree of heat preservation, which helps to maintain the desired temperature during brewing coffee. The three holes in the ceramic encourage a stable flow rate, minimize coffee retention at the bottom, and avoid the extraction of miscellaneous flavours.

The Kalita Wave 155 is sturdy, easy to brew, and does not stain - saving your cleaning time!

  • Japanese Hasami firing technique
  • Amakusa pottery stone, excellent temperature retention
  • Flat Wave shaped, three-hole design
  • Simple and adorable design
  • Compatanble with Kalita Wave 155 Filter Paper
  • For 1-2 Cups
    • Origin: Japan
    • Model: 01035
    • Materials: Porcelain
    • Product weight: 215g
    • Product dimension: 120 x 100 x 68mm
    • For 1-2 cups

    "A retro and elegant work".

    Hasami Ware could be described as a beautiful homestyle pottery. In the old days (1603-1868), since Hasami Ware was something durable and economically affordable for most people, it was mainly used as an eating utensil in everyday life.

    Hasami Ware is mainly made of Amakusa Stone 天草石, a sticky material that is capable of producing a refined and light-transmitting white pottery, with a smooth and aesthetic surface.

    Nowadays, you can see Hasami Ware in almost every Japanese family's home. The Japanese love Hasami Ware!



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