How many cups of coffee will you drink in your whole life?

How many cups of coffee will you drink in your whole life?

"My life will end with 30,000 cups of coffee."

French writer Balzac once mentioned in his article that coffee has created great inspiration for him.

In order to find new inspiration and experience, he invented numerous ways to drink coffee. He was so addicted to coffee that he even announced to the world and said, "My life will end with 30,000 cups of coffee." 

What magical power does coffee hold that fascinates the world?

Coffee beans contain more than 300 kinds of chemicals.

A good cup of coffee is a chemically delicate calculation: a combination of various physical and chemical changes such as water, heat, pressure, and coffee beans. Modern scientists have discovered that the composition of coffee exhibits rich and multi-layered changes in the early processing, roasting, and brewing processes.

Coffee beans contain more than 300 kinds of chemicals, such as sugar, fat, tannic acid, caffeine, etc. After roasting, it adds caramel, citric acid and other compounds, accumulating more than 850 kinds of chemicals. There are nearly 300 kinds of Aroma compounds, which make the taste of coffee so complicated.

Minimalist lifestyle

In recent years, more and more people advocate primitiveness, simplicity, and return to nature. Coffee culture is no exception. Hand drip coffee came into being. This brewing method appeared in Germany as early as the beginning of the twentieth century: pour water into coffee powder, break down its substances, and make a delicious cup of coffee with original flavor.

Brew your coffee

Simple to say, but not easy to do well. In just two to three minutes, the water temperature, the fineness of the powder, the brewing time, the balance, the stirring method, and the equipment will all affect the coffee itself. The flavor of each brewing can be entirely different. But then, each time of brewing is a new and fun experience. You can adjust the method according to personal preference to brew a cup of mellow and sweet coffee. You can also adjust your method to get rid of the unfavorable taste, like bitterness and sourness.

You can brew your coffee at home, in office, at a park, in the mountains or at the beach. You can adjust your brewing according to your taste and mood of the day. It is a fun experiment that maximizes the original flavor of coffee beans.

This is an everyday accomplishment.