Pour Coffee

We love coffee. We believe that pour over coffee can influence a simple and refined lifestyle. We want to help everyone to enjoy the best coffee made by themselves at home. For that reason, we would like to promote pour over coffee by providing the finest coffee equipment for you to choose from.

Our Philosophy

Glimpse of life

Started with bitterness, and ends with a sweet aftertaste, it is as intriguing as life. In the abundance of coffee, we seem to be able to have a glimpse of life.

The Pursuit of Aesthetic

Each and every cup of coffee is not only a beverage to feed our soul, but it also represents a lifestyle, and a persistent passion towards perfection, minimalism and aesthetic.

Finding Rest in a Busy World

In our everyday hectic schedule, we often find ourselves in a loop of a busy lifestyle, neglecting the basic need of our soul. Try to find a gap in between our schedule, stop for a moment. Take a coffee break and savour the taste of silence.

Appreciate the Happiness in Life

A cup of coffee in a mechanical routine can bring hope, passion and happiness. It is not only the source of motivation, but also your inspirer.

cherry blossom

Our Core Values


Our company is always striving to do our best to produce the best coffee for our customers. We make sure we only sell coffee products of excellent and high-quality. We hope our customers find us reliable and dependable, and our service will go beyond their expectations.


We believe genuine relationships with business partners and customers is what leads a company to success. We aim to be loyal to our business partners. We also seek to give honest opinions and advice to our customers and stay away from white lies that cover up harsh truth.


One person with passion is better than 99 people with interest. The internal motivation we own gives us fuel every day to enjoy our work. We are not only passionate about coffee but also about our lives.


We believe positivity is what we need every single day in our life, just like coffee. We provide happiness to our customers through the process of coffee making. We hope our brand brings joy to people.


Reacting to changes, seeking original ideas and discovering new opportunities is our company’s all-time-goal. We want to stay close to the  ever-changing world and bring the best products to our customers.