Tips for coffee beans storage

Tips for coffee beans storage

Have you just bought some nice beans and don't know how to store them? Here are some quick tips for proper storage. But before that, we have to understand some basic concepts about coffee beans.


When coffee beans are roasted, they produce a lot of gas, like carbon dioxide and other burnt fragrance, which we call an "unclean taste". The more gas, the fresher the coffee beans. It also shows the roasting level of the beans. In general, lightly roasted coffee beans have less gas, but they have a higher density and require a longer degassing time.

Degassing has a major influence on the coffee taste. That's why we need "blooming" to wake the coffee beans up. Before brewing, we use water to let the coffee beans degas, and the escaping gas causes the coffee powder to swell and expand, which is beautiful! If we miss this process, the gas will disrupt the coffee extraction process, possibly resulting in less body, less flavours and aromas, more acidity, etc.

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When is the best time to brew my coffee beans?

We believe that the best time for brewing coffee beans is between two and three weeks after roasting, but it depends on the variety and degree of roasting. Coffee beans are best consumed within two months. We recommend brewing the coffee starting from one week after they are roasted, you will gradually notice that the taste of the coffee is constantly changing: the taste becomes more stable, richer and fuller.

If you wait for two to three weeks before you start drinking, your first cup may be the best taste, but then the taste will continue to lose and get worse.

Storage method

  • Keep it cool, dry and avoid direct light.
  • Best to keep in the original packaging bag. Typically, the original packaging has a one-way outlet valve, which helps releasing the gas.
  • If you have too many beans, you can also choose to vacuum some of them to ensure a good taste later.

We've also heard that some people would put coffee beans in a sealed can, and allow the pressure build up inside the can. Then, they put it back into the bag after a while. They believe that the pressure will make the oil distribution of coffee beans more even and the aroma and sweetness will be richer.

What do you think about this method? How do you store your coffee beans?


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