What makes a good cup of coffee?

What makes a good cup of coffee?

1. Coffee has countless formations

Some people associate coffee to their emotions, some compare the bitter sweetness of coffee with their lives. In our journey of life, we continuously improve, purify and refine ourselves to reach the ultimate perfection, which brings us freshness and sweetness upon our bitterness.  

Similarly, a fine cup of coffee requires our precise selection and quality control. Through our different sensations, we savour and measure to bring out the original magical power of coffee.

2. What makes a good cup of coffee? 

Everyone has a different answer to this question. While some people are passionate about black coffee, some people would prefer adding milk or foam, or with honey. Some people have a taste for muddy and strong coffee, some are addicted to exotic stimulation, while others adore coffees that are light, fruity, floral, spicy, nutty, iced……

There is no standard answer to this question. Due to personal preference, what I brew will not necessarily be the coffee you like. Of course, with a more serious, curious and excited attitude, we can explore thoroughly the cup of fine coffee in front of us. What element brings this wonderful taste? It could be the origin and type of coffee beans, the processing and roasting method, the storage time, the equipment we use, the grinding and brewing method, the quality and amount of water, the temperature, time, flow rate while brewing…… 

3. It is a cup of good coffee as long as it suits you.

We can be obsessed about how to make a good cup of coffee persistently. We can also enjoy coffee with a relaxed and content manner.

It is a lifestyle. It is a space we create every day for ourselves. Let's take a break, calm down, and make a cup of healthy, smooth, and smiling coffee.