Bruer -- Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Bruer -- Cold Brew Coffee Maker

In summer’s heat and mid-time of the day, iced coffee in bed is the place to stay!

What is better than having a cup of high quality, fragrant iced coffee at home? But high quality never comes easy, it takes time and patience, just like cold brew coffee. 

Did you know that cold brew coffee can take up to 12 hours to brew? In coffee shops, this beverage is usually sold in limited quantities with a high price. The unique low-temperature extraction method can reduce acidity and astringency of coffee, and amplify many other flavors and aromas. We would describe the taste as rich, mellow, smooth, clean, with a hint of wine fragrance.

Few months ago, we got our Bruer from the states, and we immediately fell in love with it because it is easy to use, convenient and beautiful! Whenever someone is paying us a visit, we will prepare it early in the morning, so that when our guests arrive, we can enjoy the iced cold brew in the afternoon while sharing about our lives. It’s just great, isn’t it?

You may like

  • Practical
  • Easy to assemble, brew and clean
  • Brewed coffee be stored in the refrigerator
  • Reasonable price
  • Elegant design

You may not like

  • Not a very stable flow rate
  • Sometimes you have to adjust the frequency of dripping for several times during the brewing process

Fun facts

It turned out that iced coffee was invented by the Netherlands (Dutch Coffee). An interesting phenomenon is that in Holland, this coffee is not that common. But in Japan, the cold brew is a hot trend.


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