CAFEC Deep Dripper

CAFEC Deep Dripper

This hexagonal-shaped dripper is a newly developed product of Cafec Japan.

Compared with the cone-shaped drippers in the market, the bottom of the Cafec Deep Dripper is relatively smaller and narrower. The angle of an ordinary cone-shaped dripper is 60°, and the angle of the Deep Dripper is 45°. This arc creates a deeper filtering layer, which can extract more intense and distinctive flavours.

In addition to the hexagonal-shaped design, the internal dot ribs can provide enough air layer to speed up the flow rate. The coffee powder can also be fully expanded, resulting in better extraction.

You may like:

  • Out of the ordinary
  • Deep filtering layer
  • More palatable tastes
  • Outstanding mellowness, refreshment & bittersweetness
  • Excellent pottery quality: Japanese traditional Arita ware

You may not like:

  • Only suitable for brewing at least 3 cups
  • Tastes less acidic and fruity
  • A bit cumbersome


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