Cafec Flower Dripper

Cafec Flower Dripper

Drip coffee is a hot trend in Japan in recent years, and many coffeeholics like you and us are enthusiastic about how to brew the best cup of coffee! Cafec is one of the coffee companies that have been developing their products to let everyone experience the best coffee at home.

As an expert in drip coffee, Cafec Sanyo Sangyo is the first company in the world to develop cone-shaped filter paper. Cafec is well-known for their pioneering, exceptional, and high-quality products. From Arita Ware Trapezoid Dripper and Abaca Filter Paper, to the recently launched different Roasting Level Filter Paper, they are all unique in the drip coffee market. It is a pity that this Japanese traditional brand (since 1973) is unknown to many outside Asia.

Cafec has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the Japanese. We believe that the reason is not only because of their superior works, but also because of their spirit of being excellent yet full of humanity and kindness.  

My first encounter with Cafec was with this beautiful Flower Dripper. This is a product developed by Cafec a few years ago. In addition to its beauty, the coffee brewed with this dripper is full of richness and sweetness. It was granted the title of "the sweet flower".

It is made of traditional Arita ware, and is glazed with Japanese classic and elegant pastel colours, such as Sakura 桜 and Byakuroku 白緑. These colours remind me of many pleasing memories I had in Japan, and resembles the spring tulips blooming in Holland.

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You may like

  • Japanese traditional Arita pottery
  • Heat resistant
  • Japanese glazing
  • Petal ribs, which control the speed of water flow
  • Coffee expands beautifully
  • Balanced and rich flavours
  • Best for brewing bittersweet coffee

You may not like

  • Less acidity
  • Higher price
  • No dark colours to choose from, not suitable for cool people


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