Chemex vs Kalita wave set

Chemex vs Kalita wave set

Some say this is a competition between the US and Japan.
It might sound exaggerated, but to certain extent, I think it makes sense. From another perspective, it could be a struggle between innovation and classics, which represents our preference and pursuit of coffee.
Do you prefer innovation or classic?
These two beautiful coffee makers are very similar in appearance: wide top and bottom, and narrow in the middle. This structure allows an effective control on temperature and flavour loss in brewing.

I don't use these two coffee makers frequently, the main reason is that I have to brew a lot each time. I don’t often have a lot of visitors at home, and we prefer to "brew a few times more in a small amount” than “brewing once in a large amount”. We all like to try different coffee all at once!

Though, they give me a special kind of pleasure: I like to swirl the coffee during the brewing process and gaze at it while it rotates clearly. There is a special kind of joy and peace in my heart.

They are actually products of different eras. Chemex has been invented in the states for almost 80 years. It is marked by high quality and simplicity, which can be seen in its thick glass and filter paper. To me, Chemex is not a fancy product. It is simply about the connection between the filter paper and the body of the pot: the flow rate is slow, the brewing method is between Drip (pour over) and Full Immersion. It brews a clean cup of coffee.

Some say that Kalita copied Chemex from the design, I don't think this is much worth discussing. Yet, there must be a certain reason that Kalita Wave, which has been invented for more than 60 years, can stand firm in the market. In terms of taste, Kalita Wave has a taste that is very different from Chemex. It has three holes, flat bottom, 20 filter paper ribs, a stable flow rate, and the coffee has a thick and bitter flavour.

In recent years, Japan's Drip Coffee has been developing rapidly, and good quality equipment abounds, which certainly broadens our horizon. Maybe the Kalita wave set 185 is just part of this new wave. I am very curious to know if this craze will sweep across Europe.

Do you like the classic Chemex or the Kalita Wave Set?
By the way, Chemex is as beautiful as a girl with a bow on her slender waist.


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