Flat bottom Challenge - Day 10 (Origami Dripper)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 10 (Origami Dripper)

Finally Day 10 of our Flat Bottom Challenge!!! Sorry it took a while for us to edit it. ☺️💛

Let’s enjoy brewing with Origami🌻

Recipe of the Day

Coffee of the Day

  • Wanjegi AA (Sprout Coffee)
  • Producer: Kahuhia Farmers
  • Location: Aberdage range, Nyandarua county, Central Kenya
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: SL28 & SL34
  • Elevation: 1700-1850 masl

Brewing Method

Pour 50cc of water every 30sec

  1. KWF-155
  • Temp: 72.5
  • Brewing Time: 2’25”
  • TDS: 1.18
  • Light, fruit tea, silky, less acidic, slight rhubarb
  • Abaca Paper Filter
    • Temp: 76.6
    • Brewing Time: 2’20”
    • TDS: 1.25
    • moderate, stronger body, prominent acidic and fruitiness, plum, sugar

    This time there is a more obvious difference than the previous experiment with Flower Dripper, regarding temperature and TDS.

    Flow rate: not much difference (about 5 seconds)

    I think the shape of the filter paper or its material has a huge impact, which directly affects the taste and texture of the coffee. In the future, I will be very careful when using Wave's filter paper.

    Visually, Abaca presents a small and concentrated space. Wave’s space is flat and wide. Probably, these differences may affect the extraction efficiency and Osmotic pressure.

    Originally, I expected the Wave's filter paper to be warmer because there is less space between the filter paper and the dripper, and there may be less time for the coffee to be exposed. But it turned out to be the opposite, and I think it might be because the ceramic material fired by Origami loses more heat even with a full warm cup.

    But this is merely my guess and requires more professional equipment verification.




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