Flat bottom Challenge - Day 8 (Kalita 155 Wave Stainless Steel)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 8 (Kalita 155 Wave Stainless Steel)

Recipe of the Day

  • Kalita Stainless Steel Wave 155
  • 12g: 200cc
  • 95°c
  • JX-Pro: 34°
  • Brewing time: ~2’30"

Brewing Method

  • Bloom 25cc, 30s
  • circular motion
  • 50cc
  • 50cc
  • 75cc (Immersion)

Overall Feeling

  • Smooth flow
  • Full, sweet
  • More outstanding after sweet
  • Caramel flavour

It has little space and concentrated extraction. Compared with Cone Shape / other flat bottom dripper, it is difficult to brew more than 20g of coffee (not for more than two people), you’ll need to use 185.

With Flower Dripper we sometimes go to 25g, or even 30g, especially for darker roast coffee, we will use a higher ratio of powder to water.

Since it is small and concentrated, it can easily overflow, so be careful when pouring. This either limits the brewing time, or it excludes other brewing methods and possibilities.

No doubt, it's not too difficult to brew a good, balanced coffee.

In my personal opinion, for a more acidic, or a coffee with a special flavour, this dripper will not give a lot of flexibility.

If you want to read more about our review of this dripper, you can refer to some of our previous videos🙂


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