HA 185 Porcelain Wave Dripper

HA 185 Porcelain Wave Dripper

It is one of the Classic Wave Series Products of Kalita.

Main features:

  1. Flat bottom
  2. Three holes
  3. Used with Wave Filter 185 with 20 waves that has minimal contact with the Wave dripper
  4. Hasami Porcelain
You may like:
  • Brewing with Wave Filter looks like brewing on a cupcake
  • Strong, rich and complex taste
  • Full immersion allows coffee powder to be evenly extracted
You may not like:
  • Slow water flow lengthen brewing time
  • Over extraction happens easily: unpleasant tastes like uncleanness and bitterness will be extracted
  • Not an easily controlled dripper as water flow becomes really slow after pouring water.


To change the water flow of the dripper, we need to use different brewing methods, such as Osmotic Flow, separate pouring, avoiding full immersion.

Is this your favourite dripper? What do you like or dislike about it?


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