Hario V60 Wooden set

Hario V60 Wooden set

You might notice that we are a fan of minimalism and wooden decorations.

This is also the reason why we own this beautiful dripper set -- its appearance. This dripper set fits our idea and philosophy.

Last week, we had a discussion with another coffeeholic about how the color of a dripper affects the taste of coffee. It sounds hilarious, right? But frankly speaking, color does affect your mood, and your mood affects your sensation, which then naturally affects your taste of the coffee.

So, about Hario V60, we believe you know all about its features.

If you want to add a sense of Zen to your life, this wooden dripper set is a good choice.

You may like

  • Classic and popular
  • Attractive design in Zen style
  • Natural Olive Wood
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Clear spiral rib design with a large hole
  • Quick water flow
  • Profound acidity and fruitiness
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • A lot of brewing guide videos available

You may not like

  • Everyone has it, sorry you are not special
  • Less bitter-sweetness, mellowness and body. You have to adjust the brewing methods to achieve a better extraction.
  • not enough flavors and aroma could be extracted because of the quick flow


Comparing the different materials of V60 drippers, including porcelain, plastic, glass and copper, the last two materials have a much faster flow rate than others.

Do you like Hario V60? Let us know what you think!


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