Kalita Hasami-ware Dripper

Kalita Hasami-ware Dripper

Trapezoid (flat-bottomed) or cone-shaped? Which is better? 

There is no standard answer for that, as it completely depends on your preference on taste and appearance. Regarding taste, you can read a blog we wrote earlier, “Love and hate: Kalita Hasami Sandstone 101”. I won’t go into details here.

I’d like to talk about appearance. 

As a strange perfectionist, the first time I saw this dripper, I felt a bit uncomfortable because of the weird uneven shape. Though, my strange feelings quickly disappeared, as it was replaced by admiration. The three holes and the sharp ribs have solved the clogging problem for trapezoid-shaped drippers. It is a sophisticated design.

Another nice thing about this dripper is the material: Hasami-ware. HA102 has a very smooth and solid touch. If you put it under the light, you can see that it is translucent with distinctive ribs.

SG101 is Kalita's 2018 limited edition product. It is made of Amakusa sandstone clay, which is unglazed and has a very rough touch compared to HA102. It gives us a plain, comfortable and natural feeling.

If you asked me if there is a difference between the coffee brewed out of the two drippers, the answer would be: Yes! Of Course! With different materials, the heat resistance and flow rate will be different. We can talk about it next time.

You may like

  • Strong bittersweet taste
  • Rich and mellow flavor
  • Balanced
  • Smooth flow rate, much better than other Trapezoid-shaped flat-bottomed drippers
  • Japanese Hasami-ware

You may not like

  • Less acidity and fruitiness compared with cone-shaped drippe
  • Sometimes water clogging still happens, but it is not often


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