Love and hate: Kalita Hasami Sandstone 101

Love and hate: Kalita Hasami Sandstone 101

Today we brewed our daily coffee with a flat-trapezoid dripper. 

It was found that for light roasted coffee beans, this type of dripper could brew a more nutty, sweet and floral taste coffee. And for dark roasted coffee beans, flat trapezoid dripper brings a richer taste of chocolate, cocoa and woody aroma.  (SCA research, 2017) 

We have a love-hate relationship with this Kalita Hasami Sandstone 101. It is aesthetically beautiful and just pleasing to look at, but for us, its performance is not stable and really difficult for beginners to brew something nice out of it.

Below we sum up 5 characteristics of Kalita Hasami Sandstone 101:

  1. Usually, the coffee brewed with this dripper has a mellow and strong body, so it is quite suitable for you if you like rich flavours.
  2. The extraction time is generally longer than cone-shaped dripper.
  3. Flow rate is sometimes unstable, even though there are already three holes and clear rib structure, resulting in excessive extraction and a bitter taste of coffee.
  4. Hand-made defects is observable. The size of the three holes are different, so the water flow is uneven. (Maybe we're just unlucky?)
  5. Also, if the bottom of the filter paper is completely clinging to the hole, the coffee will be clogged up.

What's your thought about this dripper? Do you agree with us?


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