Resin Flower Dripper

Resin Flower Dripper

Does Material Matter?

You may ask: "Do different drippers brew different flavors?" The answer is simple: Yes, of course. Dripper directly affects the flow rate, extraction space, time, and temperature.

“Then what about using the same dripper with different material, will it still be different?” Indeed, the answer is still yes. The brewing results are entirely different. 

Drippers in the market nowadays are mainly made of resin, ceramic, glass, and metal. The materials affect not only the heat resistance, but also the flow rate.

Heat Resistance 

Regarding heat resistance, we must talk about thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity, the more heat energy is taken away by the material. Therefore, for coffee brewing, the performance of metal drippers, such as stainless steel and copper, is not the best choice. The resin dripper would be a much better choice. Some may think that ceramics are good for maintaining temperature. Yes, good ceramics have low thermal conductivity, but for the poorly made ceramics, which are rough, uneven and fragile, the results may not be as ideal.

To ensure a better brewing performance, you might as well warm the cup before brewing the coffee.

Flow Rate

Regarding the flow rate, this is actually related to the degree of rib protrusion. Resin and glass are more prominent, while ceramics have a shiny and smooth surface due to the firing process and glazing, which also has a certain effect on the flow rate. If you ask me which one fits the developers' minds the most, I don't know, but I'm so sure that they are definitely two products.

If you want me to choose between them...

From an artistic perspective of, as an artist myself, I would prefer Arita ceramics with excellent quality. It has elegance, solidity, comfort and good insulation. I am also a collector. Knowing that good ceramics can stay with you for a lifetime just brings me happiness every day.

From the perspective of understanding how it works and price, resin will definitely be your choice. For us, when we brew with the translucent Resin Flower Dripper in the morning, it looks like a beautiful flower that transmits light.

It is just a difficult choice. Why not both?


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