The Oldest New Trend

The Oldest New Trend

Craving for a Kōno Dripper?

Kōno is a recent hot topic. It is said that this dripper can produce a distinctive sweetness and layers. It seems to be a very new product to the world of specialty coffee, but in fact, it is one of the oldest brands in Japan.

Kōno was founded in 1925 and originated from the development of Siphon Coffee Maker. In 1963, it launched the world's first conical dripper. At that time, its design was to imitate the smooth and full-bodied coffee brewed with a Cotton Filter Cloth, while actually using paper filter.

The Kōno dripper has been developed for three generations. It’s special design, with ribs only in the lower bottom, keeps the coffee in the dripper when the water level is higher than the ribs. As a result, the extraction is concentrated, the flow rate is extended, a perfect bloom can be created on the ribs, and the shape is as beautiful as a volcano.

Traditional Japanese coffee tends to be roasted more to the darker side, and Kōno's dripper is able to give a full play to the mellowness and sweetness of coffee.

Kōno dripper gives me a special feeling: simplicity, elegance, and detail. It feels like doing a coffee ritual in a teahouse back in the Shōwa (昭和) era.

This dripper is designed for professional use:

  • Japanese traditional dripper used in Kissaten
  • Cone-shaped structure
  • Ribs only in the lower bottom
  • Compatible with Abaca V-shaped filter paper
  • Small Size Available, for 1-2 cups

Product care:

  • Remove the filter paper immediately after brewing, and then wash it with clean water. It is not recommended to wash it in the dishwasher.
  • It is designed based on Japanese traditional coffee culture. The original design tends to be roasted in medium to deep, and the water temperature used is between 83°C and 90°C.
  • The 3rd Generation can be used up to 100℃


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