Siebe's Journey to Excellence at the Dutch Brewers Cup

Siebe's Journey to Excellence at the Dutch Brewers Cup

In this special blog post, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on Siebe Stinis's remarkable coffee journey, celebrating his achievement as the second-place winner in the recent Dutch Brewers Cup!

What sparked his interest in participating in the Dutch Brewers Cup?
How did he decide on his competition setup?
What was the most challenging aspect of the competition?

In the exciting world of speciality coffee, Siebe is like an adventurer exploring new lands. He loves to discover the flavours and secrets hidden in each cup. From grinding the beans to brewing the perfect coffee, Siebe's journey is full of excitement and discovery, leading him to the Dutch Brewers Cup.

Igniting the Flame: From AeroPress to Brewers Cup

Two years ago, Siebe dipped his toes into the competitive waters with an entry into the AeroPress competition. Despite an early exit, the experience ignited a fervent passion for coffee. "It’s a great motivation to really deep dive into some nerdy stuff and becoming better at something," Siebe chuckled, reminiscing about his journey. With a newfound zeal, the Brewers Cup beckoned as the next step in his coffee odyssey.

Selecting the Tools of the Trade: Crafting the Perfect Setup

"For me, competitions are about pushing boundaries and exploring new brewers and techniques," Siebe explained. With the Dutch Brewers Cup on the horizon, the task of selecting the perfect equipment became paramount.

The cornerstone of Siebe's setup was the iconic Kōno dripper, a timeless piece revered for its classic design and rich history. Its flat walls promised minimal bypass, ensuring a high-quality extraction with each brew. "The Kōno dripper stood out to me for its ability to consistently deliver sweet and balanced cups," Siebe remarked.

In addition to the Kōno dripper, Siebe meticulously curated his arsenal with paper filters from Cafec Japan's range. After extensive testing, Siebe settled on the Medium-Dark Roast Paper Filter, prized for its ability to produce a balanced cup profile. Each paper filter from Cafec Japan offered a distinct taste profile, but the Medium-Dark Roast variant, with its fast flow rate, emerged as the clear choice for Siebe's competition setup.

To elevate the sensory experience for judges, Siebe incorporated Origami's Barrel Aroma Server and Sensory Flavour Cup into his presentation. The sleek design of the Barrel Aroma Server not only optimised the use of the sensory cup but also added a touch of elegance to Siebe's setup. "The sensory cup, in my opinion, is the ultimate drinking vessel," Siebe remarked with conviction. "It brilliantly showcases mouthfeel, aroma, and flavours."

Origami Sensory Flavour Cup
With each piece of equipment carefully chosen to complement his brewing style, Siebe's setup was a testament to his dedication to the craft. As he prepared to showcase his skills on the stage of the Dutch Brewers Cup, Siebe's passion and expertise shone through in every aspect of his setup.

Mastering the Art: Techniques for Success

Siebe's journey to his achievement was paved with precise techniques and a keen eye for detail. "The official recipe breakdown was 11g of Janson estate (Panama yeast-fermented Gesha) + 3g of G.X.O (Colombia naturally fermented Gesha) with 200g of water," Siebe shared, offering a glimpse into his meticulous approach.

Siebe Brewing Coffee at Dutch Brewers Cup

From coarse grind sizes to precise pour temperatures, each element was carefully orchestrated to craft the perfect brew.

Navigating Challenges: Triumph in the Face of Adversity

Yet, the path to victory was not without its hurdles. "The constant struggle to keep the coffee consistently great was my main challenge," Siebe admitted. A last-minute setback threatened to derail his efforts, but with sage advice from mentors and a steady hand, Siebe navigated through the storm. "In the end, it was a filthy water filter haha," Siebe quipped, a testament to the unpredictable nature of competition.

Basking in Success: Celebrating Siebe's Achievement

"Haha, it was a close one!" Siebe laughed, reflecting on his impressive second-place finish. While narrowly missing the top spot, the recognition served as both validation and motivation for Siebe's future endeavours. "It's a great affirmation of the hard work and dedication I've put into my craft," Siebe remarked, his eyes already set on new horizons.

Embarking on New Adventures: The Road Ahead

As Siebe's journey in the coffee industry continues, new adventures await on the horizon. "This year, my focus is primarily on my role as a head roaster at Friedhats," Siebe revealed, hinting at exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon. With plans to explore Colombian coffee farms and source unique beans for future competitions, Siebe's passion for coffee knows no bounds.

Siebe's journey from AeroPress enthusiast to his achievement in the Dutch Brewers Cup is a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. Though the awards may fade, Siebe's love for coffee will always shine bright. His journey will also serve as an inspiration to all coffee lovers like us - with unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, anyone can achieve greatness in the world of coffee.

Photo Credits: SCA Netherlands