1Zpresso ZP6 Special Manual Grinder (Pre-order)



1Zpresso ZP6 Special Manual Grinder (Pre-order)

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(Now available for pre-order, with an estimated arrival date at the end of July)

Unparalleled Clarity and Brilliance

The cleanest hand grinder ever.  - Lance Hedrick

The 1Zpresso ZP6 hand grinder is meticulously designed for pour over brewing. Equipped with a six-core 48mm large cutterhead, it ensures an effortless grinding experience while significantly enhancing the uniformity of coffee grounds. This grinder is tailored for pour over brewing. However, it also works well with Moka pots and Y3 hand-pressed coffee maker. It grinds approximately 25-30 grams of beans, with slight variations depending on bean type and roast level.

Design and User Interface

It features a slim, ergonomic design that offers a comfortable grip, making the grinding process effortless. Its external grind adjustment system allows for precise control of grind size, ensuring consistent results every time. The intuitive user interface makes adjustments straightforward, even for beginners.

Quality and Flavour Profile

It excels in delivering exceptional coffee quality and taste. Its advanced grindstone settings and precise bean size distribution ensure remarkable clarity, brightness, and sweetness in every cup. It preserves the unique acidity of coffee beans, allowing you to fully appreciate the complex flavours and nuances of your favourite coffee.

Precision and Uniformity

It delivers professional-grade grinding quality, favoured by the 2023 hand-punching champion. Its 90-level scale adjustment provides precise control, with 0.022mm increments, making it the king of hand brewing and a benchmark for precision and uniformity in coffee flavour.

Durability and Longevity

It is built to last, with sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensuring years of reliable service. Its robust design minimizes the risk of tipping and ensures stability during grinding, providing an unparalleled performance that stands the test of time.

Product includes:
  1. 1Zpresso ZP6 Special Manual Coffee Grinder (Iron Grey)
  2. Foldable Hand Crank
  3. Cleaning Brush
  4. Cleaning Blower
  5. 1Zpresso Carry Case
Main Features
  • Super high clarity
  • Specialised six-core 48mm stainless-steel conical burr
  • Precise grind setting (22 microns per click)
  • Finer adjustment mechanism (10 numbers/100 clicks in one rotation)
  • External adjustment dial ring
  • Fine-tuning the innovative foldable hand crank design
  • More compact and portable
  • Magnetic attachment system, easy to assemble and clean
  • Suitable for filter coffee
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Made in China
  • Model: FGKUV6-3309
  • Color: Iron Gray, Silver
  • Materials: Wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy
  • Product weight:700g
  • Dimension: 19.5 x 19.5 x 6 cm
  • Grinding volume:30~35g


1Zpresso, a Taiwanese brand, is composed of a group of coffee enthusiasts with a background of engineering. It is a company specializing in the development of professional manual coffee grinders. Their products are based on the theme of integrating coffee into life, hoping to truly meet the needs of coffee lovers and enable them to have a better "coffee life".

In 2018, 1Zpresso's Z-PRO won the Red Dot Design Award. The thoughtful design of Z-PRO allows you to easily adjust the scale and switch the grinding thickness at will, making it easier for coffee lovers to brew high-quality coffee.


Nevertheless, their invention is not limited to this. In recent years, they uphold the belief of continuous innovation, hoping to improve grinding experience for all coffee lovers.

1Zpresso's hand grinder not only has a pleasing and textured appearance, but also has an excellent grip. It is very durable with meticulous and precise grinding technology. In addition, it is very convenient and easy to disassemble and maintain. All these features add together to allow 1Zpresso’s products to be known as the advanced hand grinders.


brewing with 1Zpresso


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