Cafec 4P Paper Filter Assortment (*Pre-order)

$18.21 $19.86


Cafec 4P Paper Filter Assortment (*Pre-order)

$18.21 $19.86
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A Proud Collection for Experiencing Different Paper Filters

"It is all in one package!"

Curated with 40 filters each, this assortment features three different roasting levels (Light Roast, Medium-Dark Roast, Dark Roast) and the innovative Abaca+ Paper Filter, making it a total of four distinct varieties.

Discover the Nuances of Specialty Coffee

Tailor your coffee experience to perfection by selecting the ideal filter based on your coffee bean preferences. Whether it's a light and fruity cup or a balanced and sweet brew, this assortment lets you savor the nuances of your favorite beans with the right paper filter.

Convenient and User Friendly Design

Packaged in a convenient zip-lock pouch, each filter is easily accessible, making it a breeze to switch between them while keeping them neatly organized. Discover the pleasure of experimenting with different filters to enhance the flavor profile of your coffee.

Amusing Brewing Journey and Experiment

Ever wondered why the same coffee can taste different when brewed with paper filters? The secret lies in the unique construction of the paper! Uncover the nuances and subtleties in your coffee by exploring the diverse possibilities within the Cafec 4P Paper Filter Assortment.

    Main Features
    • Diverse Paper Filter Experience:
      • Light Roast Paper Filter, T-92 
      • Medium-Dark Roast Paper Filter, T-90
      • Dark Roast Paper Filter, T-83
      • Abaca+  Paper Filter
    • 40 pieces each
    • Nuanced coffee customization
    • User-friendly packaging
    • No added fluorescent substance
    • For 1-2 cups (Cup 1), 2-4 cups (Cup 4)
        * Kindly be advised that this item is open for pre-order, expected to arrive around the end of Mar 2024.

        • Origin: Japan
        • Model: CFA1-40W-4P, CFA4-40W-4P
        • Product weight: 176g, 242g
        • Product dimension: 320x270x20mm, 350x300x20mm
        • Quantity: 40 pcs x 4/package
        • For 1-2 cups (Cup1), 2-4 cups (Cup 4) 

        The greatest treasure for the Filipinos

        Abaca, also known as Manila hemp, is a non-wood and environmentally friendly material made for the afforestation projects. It is eco-friendly because it has a short planting time and can be planted in large quantities without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Abaca replaces the use of wood and reduces forest consumption and environmental burden.

        Abaca greatly reduces soil erosion and facilitates biodiversity restoration in tropical rainforest and it minimizes sedimentation problems in coastal areas. As the soil is able to retain more water, flooding and landslides will be better prevented. Abaca waste can even be used as an organic fertilizer.

        For Filipinos, Abaca means hope. Many families and lives were saved by the working opportunities provided by the Abaca project. Look at how this woman's life was changed by Abaca:


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