Cafec Imari-ware Flower Dripper



Cafec Imari-ware Flower Dripper

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Commemorative Masterpiece Exuding Opulence and Beauty

(50th-anniversary limited edition of Cafec Sanyo Sangyo)

Meticulously crafted, this porcelain dripper pays homage to the esteemed tradition of Imari-ware, combining Japanese artistry with precision craftsmanship.

Historical Appeal of "Old Imari  古伊万里焼"

Originally exported to aristocrats and nobility in European countries during the Edo period 江戸時代, Old Imari ware continues to captivate collectors worldwide as the esteemed "Old Imari" even after centuries. The Cafec Imari-ware Flower Dripper replicates the elegance of "Offering Old Imari," featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors like gold, red, and green, radiating opulence and beauty.

Beyond its Visual Allure

Adorned with a full-bloom cherry blossom motif on both outer and inner surfaces, this unique dripper enhances your coffee brewing experience. Beyond its visual allure, it is a functional masterpiece, ensuring a seamless pour for optimal flavor extraction.

Outstanding Collection

Ideal for both interior decoration and gifting, the Flower Dripper adds an elegant touch to any room, packaged thoughtfully in paulownia boxes. As a symbol of Sanyo Sangyo's commitment to quality, innovation, and five decades of excellence, the Imari-ware dripper is a convergence of tradition and modernity.

This exclusive release is a chance to own a piece of history. Secure your limited-edition Imari-ware dripper now and elevate your coffee ritual with the refined beauty and craftsmanship synonymous with Cafec Japan's world-class standards.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Model: IFD-4K
  • Materials: Japanese Imari-ware export porcelain
  • Product weight: 565g
  • Product dimension: 150x150x118 mm
  • For 2-4 cups
  • Packed in a special wooden box

"The most representative porcelain in Japan."

Arita Ware is made with traditional ceramic firing technology in the Arita area of ​​Saga, Japan with a history of about 400 years.

Arita craftsmen mix high-quality Amakusa clay 天草粘土 with stone powder, and fire it at a temperature as high as 1300 °C. After firing, the texture of the ceramic becomes really hard and durable.

The exquisite appearance, light and translucent body, smooth touch, and its beautiful glaze colour, all make Arita Ware a sublime artwork.

Arita Ware is loved by the whole world! 


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