Cafec EasyBrew Starter Kit (*Pre-order)

$41.93 $50.20


Cafec EasyBrew Starter Kit (*Pre-order)

$41.93 $50.20
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Your Gateway to Easy and Delicious Brew

"Effortlessly savor the delightful taste of coffee with the Cafec EasyBrew Starter Kit."

If you've ever been intrigued by the world of hand-drip coffee but found it daunting, or if you're overwhelmed by the multitude of paper and equipment options, fret no more. We've curated a set featuring CAFEC's dedicated tools and paper filters, meticulously designed to bring the pursuit of "easy and delicious coffee at home" to life!

Cafec EasyBrew Starter Kit includes 3 essentials:

1. Tritan Flower Dripper

Enjoying the coffee extraction with this unique, translucent, petal-like ribbed dripper. The rib design, reminiscent of flower petals, avoids any unwanted bitterness and enhances the inherent deliciousness of the coffee beans. The ribbed walls "carve" through the coffee grounds, ensuring thorough expansion and a smooth extraction without pooling water. The conical shape forms a deep sediment layer, prolonging the contact distance between water and coffee grounds, allowing for a more extensive flavor extraction.

2. Tritan Server

This slim, cylindrical server complements the kit perfectly.
✓ Takes up minimal storage space!
✓ Easy-to-grip handle
✓ Non-drip spout: The precisely angled and curved spout prevents any spills.
✓ Clearly visible measurements in the cylindrical shape, even with small quantities.

3. Abaca+ Paper Filter

The Abaca+ paper filter ensure an incredibly smooth extraction process, providing a stable and consistent brew. The structure, designed for smooth and stable extraction, allows you to control the extraction speed with your own brewing skills. Developed by CAFEC, the world's first conical filter paper, and the Abaca material combine to create filters that boast both innovation and quality.

Discover the joy of effortlessly brewing delicious coffee at home with the CAFEC Starter Kit, where simplicity meets sophistication!

    Main Features
    • Great Value
    • Effortless and practical brewing experience
    • Innovative and durable products
    • 40 Pieces Filter / Pack
    • For 1-2 cups (Cup 1), 2-4 cups (Cup 4)
      * Kindly be advised that this item is open for pre-order, expected to arrive around the end of Mar 2024.

      • Origin: Japan
      • Model: CSB-C1, CSB-C4
      • Product weight: 343g, 471g
      • Product dimension: 128x121x205mm, 143x133x259mm
      • Paper filter quantity: 40 sheets * 1 pack
      • For 1-2 cups (Cup 1), 2-4 cups (Cup 4)

      The greatest treasure for the Filipinos

      Abaca, also known as Manila hemp, is a non-wood and environmentally friendly material made for the afforestation projects. It is eco-friendly because it has a short planting time and can be planted in large quantities without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Abaca replaces the use of wood and reduces forest consumption and environmental burden.

      Abaca greatly reduces soil erosion and facilitates biodiversity restoration in tropical rainforest and it minimizes sedimentation problems in coastal areas. As the soil is able to retain more water, flooding and landslides will be better prevented. Abaca waste can even be used as an organic fertilizer.

      For Filipinos, Abaca means hope. Many families and lives were saved by the working opportunities provided by the Abaca project. Look at how this woman's life was changed by Abaca:


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