Cafec Tritan Flower Dripper Deep 27° (*Pre-order)



Cafec Tritan Flower Dripper Deep 27° (*Pre-order)

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The ultimate dripper angle

Invention Background

DEEP 45, initially designed for 3-7 cups, sparked demand for a single-cup version. In response, CAFEC Japan developed "DEEP 27" to cater to coffee enthusiasts seeking perfection in their one-cup brews.

The Magic of 27°

After rigorous experimentation, a 27° bottom angle was determined
to make an ideal cup, ensuring:

  • A sufficient filtering layer even with a single cup of grounds.
  • Matching extraction speeds for an ideal coffee experience.

Unlock Flavorful Coffee

DEEP 27 brews coffee with heightened richness and sweetness, accentuating each coffee's unique qualities while removing any undesirable flavors.

Innovative Design

Our special dripper structure, informed by CAFEC's deep knowledge of coffee paper filters, includes:

  1. Optimal Rib Height: Precise rib height maintains an ideal air layer, ensuring consistent brewing speed and exceptional coffee.
  2. Perfect Bottom Hole Size: Extensive trials led us to the ideal bottom hole size, balancing paper strength and brewing speed.
  3. User-Friendly Shape: DEEP 27 is designed for direct cup brewing. Its curved pedestal keeps your cup safe from paper tears and coffee grounds.
  • 27° deep cone-shape
  • Made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
  • 2 different colors
  • Petal ribs, which control the speed of water flow
  • Enhanced richness and sweetness
  • For single cup
  • Specifically brewed with Abaca+ Deep 27 Paper Filter

* Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is a robust resin that exhibits exceptional durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and remarkable clarity. It is a material of choice in the manufacture of baby products and medical components, given its high safety standards, and the absence of bisphenol A (BPA).

*   Kindly be advised that this item is open for pre-order, expected to arrive around the end of Jan 2024.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Model: FDD-27, FDD-27CB
  • Materials: Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
  • Product weight: 145g
  • Product dimension: W104 × D103 × H131
  • For 1 cup


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