LilyDrip Family

$44.82 $56.02


LilyDrip Family

$44.82 $56.02
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New Lily Drip Family

Do you know that LilyDrip was born out of a little girl’s unintentional move?

On an ordinary day, while observing her father making coffee, this little girl put a glass ball in the coffee dripper. It was because of this initial move that Lily Drip was invented.

And this little girl is Lily.

Inventions usually arise from peculiar ideas, our love and curiosity about life. Little girl Lily really sparked my love of life and my imagination about coffee! 

How does it work?

In principle, it increases the flow rate and reduce double/triple extraction. It also gives us more brewing variability to find our favourite flavour in coffee.

In my personal experience, the flow rate is significantly accelerated, as well as better controlled. The taste of the coffee is cleaner. It works best with Cafec Light Roast Paper Filter and SFP Paper Filter.


  • Less depth of extraction layer
  • More filtering area
  • Faster flow
  • Less duplicate extraction
  • Cleaner cup
  • More variation and available recipes
  • Compatible with cone shape dripper (Flower Dripper, Origami, V60, etc)

What is in the Lily Drip Family?

  1. Classic LilyDrip
  2. Donut
  3. Starflower
  4. COS
  5. CFS (Compact Filter Shaper)
  6. RFS (Rapid Filter Shaper)

    A small remark for careless people like me

    Don’t throw the Lily Drip with the filter paper in the trash after use, or the LilyDrip family will be "ripped apart".

    (I have already lost two members, now whereabouts are unknown...)

      • Model: K1E-2021
      • Origin: China
      • Materials: Ceramic (LilyDrip), Glass (Holder), Plastic (CFS/RFS)
      • Box Dimension: 120x120x130mm
      • Weight: 476g


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