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Lively and Unpredictable Dripper

Seeing the brand nou&, you may be confused.
What does nou& have to do with coffee? How should I pronounce it?

nou& can be traced back to 2010. This is the mantra that founder Timme Skylark used to say when he was young. The meaning can be interpreted as “so what” or “who cares”, mixed with rebellious and complacent ideas. nou& seems to have become the label of Timme's growth, and has entered every corner of his life. Many notebooks have the shadow of a nou& pattern. At that time, Timme was thinking that nou& might come into use when he grows up.

Ironically, more than 10 years later, Timme's life and work are the exact opposite of the idea nou&. He is very obsessed with many hobbies, especially with coffee. He constantly perfects every step of coffee making, looking for the most ideal coffee utensils.

Today, nou& is finally born and Timme's dream came true: he created a fun dripper. While Timme's outlook on life has changed from indifference to persistence, nou& has also been constantly looking for its interesting way of existence.

nou& is a high-quality coffee dripper. It is carefully designed and manufactured by Timme and Blubber & Glas. Each dripper is handmade by a professional artisan and has a different color and character. The material is sturdy and strong with their firing technique.

The bottom of the dripper is designed with a spider web-shaped rib that ensures a steady flow and reduces coffee stagnation at the bottom. nou& has a flat bottom shape, and the brewed coffee is well balanced, rich in sweetness and unexpectedly full of flavor.

  • Dutch firing technique (Leiden)
  • Unique craft and color
  • Flat Wave shaped
  • Full extracted flavor spectrum
  • Compatible with Kalita Wave 185 Filter Paper
  • For 2-4 Cups
Suggested Recipe

18g:300 cc

Brewing Method:

  • 00:00 Blooming 45cc
  • 00:40 Quickly pour 105cc to fill it up (reaching 150cc)
  • 00:50 Immersion
  • 1:15 Give it a swirl
  • 1:30 Slowly pour 150cc around the circle (reaching 300cc)
  • 3:00 End
  • Origin: Leiden, the Netherlands
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Colour: Pearl Beige, Flamingo Pink, Molasses Black
  • Product weight: 400g
  • Product dimension: Φ98 × 88H
  • For 2-4 cups


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