Cocktail Coffee (A variation of Shakerato)

Cocktail Coffee (A variation of Shakerato)

Enjoy the happiness in life under the warm sunshine.

On a summer afternoon, we might like to go sunbathing on the beach, chilling on a bench in a garden, meditating, enjoying the scent of flowers and nature under the warm sunshine.

It’d be perfect with a cold drink on your hand at this moment. For coffeeholics, iced coffee is the best choice. The morning refreshing warm coffee and the afternoon iced coffee will together make your day!

Iced coffee we have nowadays is often served with a lot of sugar, milk and ice. I’d rather call them iced sugar water. If you’ve tried Shakerato, you will know that it is an entirely different experience: a cold bittersweet coffee topped with a layer of fine foam, full of unforgettable aroma and taste.

Unlike the traditional ones that are made with espresso, in this brew guide, we are going to use drip coffee.


10 minutes


  • Dripper
  • Filter paper
  • Kettle
  • Server
  • Champagne flute (or coffee mug)
  • Grinder
  • Scale and Timer
  • Thermometer
  • Shaker
  • Spoon


    (1 serving)
    • 15g coffee beans
    • 600ml water
    • Honey (optional)
    • 6-7 pieces of ice cubes


      1. Be Excited

        Flavour your coffee with excitement and joy.

        2. Find a nice spot

        Go to a place where you can enjoy the sunshine. It could be your garden or your balcony.

        3. Brew your coffee (Please refer to Brew Guide - Slow Coffee)

        The steps are basically the same as brewing regular drip coffee, only that the coffee can be brewed a bit more intensely. You can adjust the following:

        • Coffee to water: 1:1 (15g : 150ml)
        • Grinding level: fine
        • Blooming time: 40-50 seconds
        • Brewing time: 3.5 minutes

        4. Add Honey

          After brewing your coffee, add a spoonful of honey into the hot coffee. Stir until it melts.

          5. Add ice cubes and coffee

            Add ice cubes in the shaker, about half the height of it, and pour your 150ml freshly brewed hot coffee. Save a small portion of the coffee for the last!

            Tips: According to your personal taste, you can add lemon juice, soda or whiskey at this point.

            6. Happy shaking

              Close the lid tightly and start shaking. Shake happily! When your hands are numb and frozen, you’re done!

              Tips: If you are sensitive to cold, cover the shaker with a small towel before shaking.

              7. Pour

                Open the lid and pour your finished product into the champagne flute. Don’t waste the foam. It has all the essence!

                Now, add the small portion of coffee you saved earlier. It adds extra coffee aroma to the beverage.

                8. Enjoy

                  Now it’s time to savour your perfect summer cocktail!

                  Cocktail Coffee combines fruity, nutty and floral aroma with honey and froth, creating multiple layers of taste and a unique coffee experience.


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