How to Brew Coffee At Home

How to Brew Coffee At Home

Create your sacred space that allows you to find peace and calm, and yourself.


This is one of your best moments! A moment you love and long for. In these 10 minutes, simply observe what you see, listen, smell, taste and feel… As if you went to another space, a space that only belongs to you. You will find that it is a simple and easy task that only requires your heart and soul.

Happiness comes from simplicity. 


10 minutes


  • Dripper
  • Filter paper
  • Kettle
  • Server (or coffee mug)
  • Grinder (optional if you use coffee grounds)
  • Scale and Timer (optional)
  • Thermometer (optional)
  • Spoon (for stirring)

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 24g coffee beans
  • 600 ml water (300ml for brewing)

Step 1: Create your 10-minute sacred space

You are relaxed in freedom. You are not performing any duties or tasks. There is no right or wrong. You slow down and enjoy the wonders of brewing.

Stay away from the noise

Sometimes, turning off the noise in life can help you easily focus on and listen to the important voice in your heart.

Clear your table

For most of us, a clean and tidy environment helps us to organise our mind and not to be easily distracted. It allows us to calm our mind. Suddenly, you will fall in love with the environment.

Step 2: Grind your coffee beans

Grind 24 grams of coffee beans to medium grind (5-7 degree), a thickness similar to sea salt. The grinding size actually depends on your personal taste and the roasting level of the beans, ranging from light to dark. If you like a richer taste, you can grind it finer. 

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Take your time and measure the coffee beans accurately. If you are using a manual grinder, this is a great way to exercise! While devoting your time and energy, why not enjoy the beautiful crisping sound of the grinding?

Done! You can now smell the fragrance of the coffee.

Step 3: Boil the water

Prepare around 600 ml of boiling water, and then pour the water into the coffee kettle. If you have an electric coffee kettle, then it is even better!

You are not using all of the water, but more amount of water helps keeping the temperature constant while brewing.

Step 4: Place the filter paper and preheat the server

Place the filter paper lightly on top of the dripper, and the server below the dripper. Wet the filter paper with boiling water. Warm water will penetrate the filter paper and slowly flow to the server underneath. The dripper and the server will be preheated together. Drain the water after a few seconds.

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Step 5: Add coffee powder

Add grounded coffee powder on the filter paper. You could pat the dripper to smooth the surface of the coffee powder.

Step 6: Brew your coffee

There is no standard rule for the way of brewing your coffee, but we suggest using Osmotic Flow, a method developed by Cafec Japan. From my experience, brewing 300ml of coffee usually takes around 3-4 minutes. You can adjust according to your personal preference.

The following procedure is my personal preference:

Brewing temperature

80-95°C, depending on the type of coffee beans and the roasting level:

  • Light Roast Coffee: Usually a higher temperature, around 90ºC or above.
  • Medium Dark Roast Coffee: 85-90ºC
  • Dark Roast Coffee: 83ºC
Pouring Continuously until 300ml
  • 1st Pour (Bloom): 40ml (~30 sec)
  • 2nd Pour: 30-40ml (~40 sec)
  • 3rd Pour: 30-40ml (~40 sec)
  • 4th Pour: 30-40ml (~40 sec)

Only pour a small amount of water, around 20-40ml, to the coffee powder, and let them be awakened. This process lasts for about 30 seconds. While waiting, you might see that the surface of the coffee powder is bubbling and expanding. This means that the coffee is vibrant!

You can now step closer and sniff the charming aroma of coffee.


After blooming, pour in a steady spiral slowly in the centre. At this point, the coffee powder expands and rises vigorously, and fine bubbles starts to come out. It is a very interesting scene to watch.

Pour water

With the fine bubbles expanding with the coffee grounds, you can pour water gently again in the centre with a circular motion around the fine powder.

Note: Do not pour your coffee at the edge! It will destroy the thick coffee layer that filters away unpleasant taste.

When you have reached 300 ml of coffee, you can remove the dripper from the server.

Step 7: Warm cup and stir

A good cup of coffee is hot.

That’s right. We don’t want to waste our effort, so, we have to warm our coffee cup with hot water and then pour it away.

You can skip this step if you are using a coffee mug as the server, or if you prefer to enjoy the coffee cooled down.

Stir the coffee in the server with a spoon to even the taste, and then pour the coffee into your warmed coffee mug.


It’s time to enjoy your own cup of coffee!

Take your time to savour the coffee. As the temperature of the coffee drops from 70ºC to 30ºC, you can discover even more layers of taste!

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