3 Things you should know about Light Roast Filter Paper

3 Things you should know about Light Roast Filter Paper

The roasting level filter paper is a new trend. Matching the right beans with the right paper can bring the most out of the coffee you brew. If you have no idea what the roasting level of your coffee beans are, then you may consider finding it out!

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Light Roast Filter Paper

Some examples of common light roasting beans are Ethiopia, Kenya, Panama and Peru. But of course, it is always a good idea to ask your roastery before you buy them.

Here are 3 distinctive features of the Light Roast Filter Paper:

1. One-sided crepe

The inner surface is smooth without crepe, and the surface area to which the coffee powder adheres is reduced. Fruity fragrance can be extracted with the unique flow rate created by the inner smooth surface, and the crepe outer surface allows the coffee to flow smoothly through the filter paper to the server.

2. High density and thin texture

The high density of the filter paper removes impurities and prevents grounds getting through.

3. Clean and aromatic taste

The filter paper helps perfectly extract the flavour of light roasted coffee beans. With the help of the density, thickness, a cup of clean and aromatic coffee is ready to be tasted.


How does Light Roast Filter Paper Work?

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