3 Things you should know about Medium-Dark Roast Filter Paper

3 Things you should know about Medium-Dark Roast Filter Paper

This is another detailed post about roasting level filter paper.

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The roasting level filter paper is a new trend. Matching the right beans with the right paper can bring the most out of the coffee you brew!

Which kinds of coffee beans do you have? Which roasting level are they?

Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua are some examples of common medium roast coffee beans with a nutty & balanced aroma.

Here are 3 things you should know about Medium-Dark Roast Filter Paper:

1. Two-sided crepe

The well balanced two-sided crepe provides a large surface area for smooth water flow, which allows the coffee to flow smoothly and steadily to the server.

2. Brewing Temperature 90ºC

Brewing with the suggested temperature 90°C, the coffee can be better extract with the low density and thick texture filter paper.

3. Balanced and rich taste

With the help of the sophisticated design of the filter paper, a cup of balanced and rich coffee is ready to be tasted.

How does Medium-Dark Roast Filter Paper Work?

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