3 Things you should know about Dark Roast Filter Paper

3 Things you should know about Dark Roast Filter Paper

This is the last post about Roasting Level Filter Paper.

In my earlier blog, The Magical Power of a Filter Paper, I have talked about the importance of filter paper and how it affects the taste of the coffee you brew.

In the blog, I have mentioned a short clip by James Hoffmann, in which he compared Hario’s filter papers made in two Japanese factories and a Dutch factory. It is no doubt that the filter paper you choose will greatly affect your coffee.

So, let's talk about the third Roasting Level Filter Paper, the Dark Roast Filter Paper!

Dark Roast Filter Paper

Common dark roasting beans are from Indonesia and Myanmar. Are you a fan of the smoky aromatic dark roast coffee beans? Then here are 3 things you should know about the Dark Roast Filter Paper:

1. Shallow two-sided Crepe

The shallow two-sided crepe can increase the adhesion area of coffee powder. This design accelerates the flow rate in the early stage of brewing, and then varies the speed and prolongs the extraction process in the middle and late stages.

2. Brewing Temperature 83°C

At the suggested brewing temperature is 83°C, the coffee can be better extract with the help of the medium density and thickness.

3. Rich and sweet flavour

The filter paper helps perfectly extract the flavour of dark roasted coffee beans to a cup of full-bodied and sweet coffee.

Depending on your taste, you can choose a certain roasting level coffee beans, and match them with the right filter paper! Try it at home and see if they taste different!

Thank you for reading our blog posts about Roasting Level Filter Paper. We hope you find them helpful!

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