Cafec Dark Roast Paper Filter



Cafec Dark Roast Paper Filter

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For a full-bodied and sweet coffee

This is a unique and pioneering product in the world!

Tailor-made for dark roasted specialty coffee beans.

The shallow double-sided crepe can increase the adhesion area of coffee powder. This design accelerates the flow rate in the early stage of brewing, and then varies the speed and prolongs the extraction process in the middle and late stages. The suggested brewing temperature is 83°C, at which the coffee will be full of rich and sweet flavor.

The paper filter helps perfectly extract the flavour of dark roasted coffee beans. With the help of the density, thickness, and wrinkle of the filter paper, a unique flavour is extracted, and a cup of full-bodied and sweet coffee is ready to be tasted.

It is made from artificially planted forest areas. Made by 100% natural wood pulp raw material, without adding any fluorescent substance..

[Dark Roast T-83]

  • Designed for dark roasted specialty coffee
  • Thickness: 0.22 mm
  • Medium density
  • Two-sided Crepe (Low-height)
  • Suggested Brewing Temperature: 83ºC
  • 100% natural wood pulp raw materials
  • Designed for CAFEC Flower Dripper, also compatible with conical drippers (such as Origami Dripper, Kōno Dripper, Hario V60)
  • For 1-2 Cups (Cup 1); 2-4 Cups (Cup 4)
  • 40pcs; 100pcs/Pack

    • Origin: Japan
    • Model: DC1-40W, DC4-40W
    • Product weight: 52, 73g
    • Product dimension: 106x110x30mm, 130x133x30mm
    • Quantity: 40 sheets * 1 pack
    • DC1-40W: 1-2 cups
    • DC4-40W: 2-4 cups
    • Origin: Japan
    • Model: DC1-100W
    • Product weight: 94g, 132g
    • Product dimension: 205x170x33mm, 220x190x35mm
    • Quantity: 100 sheets * 1 pack
    • DC1-100W: 1-2 cups
    • DC4-100W: 2-4 cups


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