6 Essentials for Affordable Coffee Brewing at Home

6 Essentials for Affordable Coffee Brewing at Home

Brewing delicious coffee at home doesn't require fancy equipment or expensive gadgets. With just a few essential tools and ingredients, you can enjoy a flavourful cup of coffee without breaking the bank. Let's explore the 6 essentials and how they contribute to your brewing adventure.

1. Fresh Coffee

Start with high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. Look for a local roaster or specialty coffee shop where you can purchase beans that have been roasted within the past few weeks. Opt for whole beans whenever possible, as they retain their freshness and flavour longer than pre-ground coffee. 

2. Coffee Grinder

Yes, this is the second most essential tools you need for a delicious cup of coffee, because we want to purchase whole beans and grind them at home ourselves. You will need a manual or electric coffee grinder for this. If you're just starting out, an electric grinder might not be necessary yet. That's where a manual grinder shines - it's cost-effective and easily portable!


Grind beans perfectly every time with a quality manual coffee grinder like the 1Zpresso J-Ultra or K-Ultra. Tailor the grind size to your brewing method for optimal extraction and a flavourful cup of coffee.

3. Extraction Device

Choose an extraction device that suits your taste preferences and budget. Selecting the right brewing device is crucial to crafting the perfect cup of coffee tailored to your taste.

Pour-over drippers, for example, offer unparalleled control over variables such as water temperature and pouring technique, resulting in a clean and nuanced cup of coffee that highlights the unique characteristics of your beans.

Among the myriad options available, consider exploring:

  1. Conical Drippers
    deep 27
    Want to get fancy with your brew? Explore different flavours of coffee from brewing with conical drippers like the sweet and balanced Flower Dripper, bright and fruity Origami Dripper, mellow and full-bodied Kōno Dripper, and the newest Deep 27 designed for light roast coffee. Add a touch of artistry to your morning routine. They're all about bringing out the unique flavours in your beans, giving you a cup that's as unique as you are. For a more budget-friendly option, consider choosing the Tritan or Resin variant.
  2. Trapezoid Drippers

    Stick with the classics like the Cafec Trapezoid 101 for a timeless brewing experience. If you're looking for innovation, consider the Clever Dripper, which offers a modern twist on brewing with its unique design. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of the Cafec Trapezoid 101 or the innovative features of the Clever Dripper, both options deliver simple and delicious coffee without any fuss.
  3. Flat Bottom Drippers

    If consistency is your jam, you'll love drippers like the Kalita Wave 155, Orea, April and the new invention, nou& dripper. If you're new to hand drip coffee and are looking for a brewer that requires no skill, try The Gabi's Master A. These drippers make brewing a breeze, giving you a smooth and balanced cup every single time.

4. Paper Filters

Paper filters are often overlooked but is definitely essential for achieving a clean and flavourful cup of coffee. The quality of paper filter can build or destroy your coffee.

There is a wide range of selection of paper filters, including the environmental friendly Abaca Paper Filter in different shapes, the advanced Abaca+ Paper Filter, the sophisticated Roasting Level Paper Filter (Light Roast, Medium Dark Roast and Dark Roast), as well as the SFP (Support Forest Paper), and more to suit your brewing preferences.

If you're unsure which type to buy, consider the Cafec 4P Paper Filter Assortment for a variety of options.

5. Water

Quality water is crucial for brewing delicious coffee. Using clean and filtered water enhances the flavour and purity of your brew. Pair your water with a precision pouring kettle, like the Tsubame Pro, for precise control over water flow and temperature.

6. Cups

To fully enjoy your brewed coffee, you need the perfect vessel. Origami is the expert in making cups, and we love their Flavour Cup Set and the exceptional Sensory Flavour Cup, which is designed to enhance your coffee drinking experience with its elegant design and ergonomic shape. Enjoy every sip of your freshly brewed coffee in style.

With these 6 essentials, you have everything you need to brew exceptional coffee at home without breaking the bank. Freshly ground coffee, paired with the right brewing tool and accessories, ensures a flavourful and satisfying cup every time. Explore and start your brewing journey today!


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