Origami Dripper

Origami Dripper

This might be rather new to some coffee lovers. It is a fancy, interesting, and artistic coffee maker!

As its name implies, this dripper is made with bright colors and vertical grooves that look like origami! Reflecting the traditional Japanese origami culture, this attractive ceramic dripper is made with the traditional Mino ware technique.

This dripper, blooms like a flower, is made up of 20 straight ribs. The deep and wide conical space in the dripper allows coffee powder to expand beautifully. The large hole at the bottom ensure a path for water to flow smoothly, reducing the chance of "over-extraction", allowing you to brew a clean and bright cup of coffee.

You may like:

  • Attractive design
  • Unique, exquisite and colorful style
  • Fast and smooth flow
  • Full of fruitiness and adcity
  • A clean, bright coffee taste
  • Artistic pottery (Japanese traditional Mino Pottery)

You may not like:

  • Less bitterness and sweetness
  • Dripper cannot stably be placed on the wooden tray, it may cause uneven extraction

Feel free to share with us your experience with this dripper!

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