Suki Usagi Jirushi  (月兎印)

Suki Usagi Jirushi (月兎印)

Almost established for a hundred years, Suki Usagi Jirushi is one of the most classic enamel brands in Japan, enjoying a high reputation and popularity in Japan.


This is an eco-friendly coffee filter. You can brew your coffee without using a filter paper, and it can be reused for many times.

It is made of porous ceramics with many micrometer pores.

You may like:

  • Fast and smooth water flow
  • Environmental friendly
  • Interesting and beautiful design
  • Fired with high quality Arita ware technique
  • Can brew coffee with a mellow flavour

You may not like:

  • Unclean Taste
  • Difficult to clean
  • Hard to maintain (frequent firing of the Cerafilter is required to clean it)
  • Coffee residue remained in the dripper after use, affecting the taste of the coffee in the next brew


We really like the idea of a dripper without using filter paper, but the technology has yet to be improved for a good cup of coffee. For now, we will just keep it as one of our beautiful collections rather than using it for our daily coffee.

What about you? Have you tried it before?


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