Flat bottom Challenge - Day 1 (Orea V3)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 1 (Orea V3)

We are challenging ourselves to 10 days of flat bottom brewing!

Let's start the challenge with Orea V3 & Sense Cup! (Thanks Orea for sending us their newest products.) The following is my brief impression of using them for about a week.

Orea V3 - Small. Stylish. Light.

The transparent design allows me to clearly observe the entire brewing process, and it is very appealing. In fact, it brews consistently and delivers excellent, rich sweetness with ease. Its inclination arc is relatively (75-80).

In the Japanese school - steeper -> deeper filter layer.

A few things to note:

  1. Control the water level (unless using the One Pour Method).
    A large amount of first pour will leave the coffee on the higher part of the filter paper and may not be able to extract later. (I'll do swirling in the 3rd and 4th pours).
  2. I saw Mordy using Melodrip and it was a great idea!
  3. In the final stage, a very small amount of coffee will get caught between the bottom of the dripper and the filter paper and can't get to the server. I need to tilt it a bit, but it's not a big problem.

As a routine user of cone shape dripper (please forgive me if I am biased), I think that cone shape dripper can clearly bring out the level and acidity of coffee on the same parameters. Of course, every dripper is different, and the technique used must be changed, not fixed.

For flat bottom drippers, it is believed that it will encourage an average extraction. I hope to learn more about average extraction through my “10-day flat bottom challenge”. Of course, the average extraction requires sophisticated equipment to measure. At this stage, I've only tested TDS, but TDS doesn't mean extraction rate, it doesn't mean average extraction.

I will certainly keep revisiting Orea V3.

Sense Cup

Compared with other porcelains, Sense Cup has a denser structure, with a matte surface and texture. The mouthfeel is comfortable, rich, and solid. The wide top of the cup can make the aroma permeate, making it easier for me to identify the aroma. The moment of contact with the lips is comfortable.

Recipe of the day

Brewing Method

  • Pour 50cc every 30s

Taste Note

  • ripe pomelo
  • sweet
  • smooth
  • buttery
  • light chocolate 

Today’s experience is pretty nice, the sense cup gives a comfortable feelings.


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