Flat bottom Challenge - Day 4 (The Gabi's Master A)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 4 (The Gabi's Master A)

When you open this package, you will feel very satisfied and impressed.

The whole idea of this design is merely to make it easy for everyone to brew a good coffee, and I would connect it with the Clever Dripper or Simplify The Brewer, because they are all finely designed, full of surprises and details.

I love details.

This design is complex, and other materials cannot outline it, so plastic is the best way out. Seriously, a few weeks ago I was thinking about how to create a product like this. I didn't know about the brand at the time, but seeing their designs today gave me a sense of relief.

My First Impression

  1. Flat bottom
  2. Controlled water flow, equalized water injection, reduced agitation
  3. Convenient and easy to use. No skills required.
  4. Combines elements of flat-bottom dripper, Aeropress, cold drip, etc.
  5. Clean and layered flavour

The most amazing thing: its flow rate changes in different stage of brewing. The slow drip in the early stage can achieve the effect of blooming, and in the later stage, the accelerated flow rate creates a complete immersion.

I find it very considerate that storage box is attached with a clear and beautifully designed instruction booklet. I can't find any shortcomings for the time being. I will continue to explore it gradually.

Recipe of the day

  • 1Zpresso JX-Pro 34º
  • 10.5g:150cc
  • 93°C
  • 2’20”
  • Coffee: The Vega from The Barn Berlin



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