Flat bottom Challenge - Day 5 (Kalita Tsubame Wave 155 Copper)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 5 (Kalita Tsubame Wave 155 Copper)

This is the second dripper I bought. I guess it's hard to understand, isn't it? I also find it difficult to understand. Why does my choice hop suddenly to this realm?

Sometimes, it's hard to explain your desire for something. You think about it every day and can't wait to get it.

Speaking of Tsubame, metalworking comes to mind, but the word refers to the city Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The Japanese have linked this city, Tsubame, with “metal processing”. It has become a famous brand.

I think buying this dripper is buying the logo of “Made in TSUBAME”. Of course, I'm buying the story behind it. The story that witnesses the history of metal processing in Tsubame and symbolises the tradition, glory, and spirit of craftsmen in this area.

Now, I rarely take it out for brewing, I more often put it in the collection cabinet, appreciate it, and when there are guests, I will “show off” to them. (I really admire Kate for being so tolerant of me in doing this.)

Compared to the stainless-steel version, its flow rate is faster. The thermal conductivity is strong, and the heating and cooling rates are very quick. However, maybe because it is made purely by hand, each of the holes has some differences. One of the three holes for my dripper is too small, and the bottom is slightly inclined, so the drainage is not smooth. I even thought about widening the hole with a power drill, but I finally gave up on this idea because of “heartache”. After all, I bought this mainly for appreciation, and I don't use it very often. This kind of product is very delicate. I don’t want to break it.

I really like to use it for medium roasted coffee with one pour method.

Recipe of the day

  • 1Zpresso JX Pro 36°
  • 15g:260cc
  • 90°c
  • 2’45”
  • Coffee from Sprout Coffee Roasters

Tsubame Series

Brewing Method

  1. Bloom 30cc circular motion
  2. Osmotic flow till the server receives 150cc
  3. Using melodrip, pour until the server receives 225cc
    (15*2.5=water absorbed by coffee grounds)


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