Flat bottom Challenge - Day 6 (HA185)

Flat bottom Challenge - Day 6 (HA185)

It is one of the Classic Wave Series Products of Kalita.

HA (Hasami), is the traditional Japanese technique of firing ceramics that are durable and affordable for most people, and were commonly used as tableware in ancient times.

This is a look I prefer: simple, elegant, pure, white, light and durable. I often appreciate it under a light bulb. Seeing how the light transmitting through the dripper is appealing to me.

For some of you, ceramics might not be your favourite material. Its heat absorption is high, so it needs to be warmed enough. After colourings, its ribs are less prominent and much flatter than other materials, which will also have some impact on the flow rate.

In fact, it doesn't matter whether there are ribs or not in the Wave Series, the wave-shaped filter paper is the construction of the entire coffee extraction process.

But compared with other Wave Series dripper, why does the HA185 still have circle-shaped ribs inside? And they don't seem to be good for speeding up the flow because they seem to be blocking the flow of coffee to the bottom of the dripper.

What is your opinion?

Recipe of the Day

Brewing Method

  • Bloom 50cc
  • circular motion
  • 100cc
  • 80cc
  • Gabi Drip Master B
  • 110cc



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