Chapter 1: What is Drip Coffee?

Chapter 1: What is Drip Coffee?

Do you want to learn how to brew Drip Coffee, but don't know where to start?

Are you a coffee lover and want to learn something new?

Are you busy, tired, or bored at work, and seeking for refreshment?

In the coming few days, we want to explore with you how to brew Drip Coffee step by step, and understand more about the reason why it is so fascinating. Hope you will like it.

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So, “What is Drip Coffee?”

1. Slow Coffee lifestyle

Drip Coffee (we are referring to Hand-drip coffee here), also known as Slow Coffee, Filter Coffee, represents a kind of slow life, which implies brewing and enjoying your coffee slowly. It can be a meditation, just like Japanese Tea Ceremony, allowing us to calm down, slow down, pause, and focus on only one thing.

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2. Simple brewing

Hand-drip Coffee has a long history of more than 100 years. It emphasizes freshness, purity, and preservation of the original flavour of coffee. The brewing process is simple: slowly pour hot water through coffee powder and allow coffee to gently drip through the dripper. 

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3. It is NOT espresso!

It is important to note that the brewing time of Hand-drip coffee is much longer than that of espresso. Its taste is also not as strong and irritating as espresso, but rather mild, sweet and fruity with rich layers. 

We promise, a nice cup of drip coffee can completely change your impression of coffee! From preparation, brewing to drinking, it is a full package of enjoyment of different senses.

It is a lifestyle.


Next Chapter:

Chapter 2: What do I need for brewing? 

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