10-day Flat Bottom Challenge

10-day Flat Bottom Challenge

We are challenging ourselves to 10 days of flat bottom brewing! Stay tuned for our recipes and reviews!

(Disclaimer: We are not paid to write these recipes and reviews.)

If you have been following us for a while, you have might already noticed that we are a seldom user of a flat bottom brewer. But recently, we received two really nice flat bottom brewers: Orea V3 and Simplify the Brewer. This might be the moment for us to revisit some flat bottom recipes!

What will happen in these 10 days? Are we going fall in love with flat bottom? Or the opposite…?

Day 1 Orea V3

Day 2 SIMPLIFY the Brewer

Day 3 April Pour Over Brewer

Day 4 The Gabi's Master A

Day 5 Kalita Tsubame Wave 155 Copper + Melodrip

Day 6 Kalita HA185 + Gabi's Master B

Day 7 Kalita 185 Wave Set + Gabi's Master B

Day 8 Kalita 155 Wave Stainless Steel

Day 9 Flower Dripper + Kalita Wave Paper Filter

Day 10 Origami Dripper + Kalita Wave Paper Filter




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